Březí - successful establishment of the wine tradition

The village is first Bratelsbrunn appointed in 1249 as part of the property kounického monastery. Old Bratelsbrunn but was later devastated by wars and almost razed to the ground. Count Thurma offer to move to Bratelsbrunnu has mostly Germans, who became the first settlers emerging settlement. Count Thurma publication from 1576 is the oldest instrument in the modern history of the village, it is a birth certificate Bratelsbrunnu - Pregnant. A man was enlightened in the rise and success of the first winery in Pregnant, which uses its current name since 1949. Then replace the displaced population of German settlers from wine-growing districts and Hodonin Hustopeče and successfully continued the management of their predecessors.

The cellar alley

Modern Cellar At the pond

Wine buildings in Pregnant were built during the past centuries in several locations around the village. Cellar in the village area includes about one hundred cellars, creating four separate colonies, the oldest of which is probably the area under the chestnuts. Cellars of the old earth stands a spacious mill for handling press kládovým recessed below ground level. The colony is initially Habánské cellar, which now manages Mr. Zeman. On the western outskirts of the village, near a pond, is a charming basement area for the pond. Ground-brick mills and several cellars underground cellars with a richly articulated facade is formed by an open square, which is enhanced by picturesque trees. Most above-ground wine in a quiet patch of buildings was built in the 20th the last century and constitutes one of the most impressive cellar files. Artistic and aesthetic value of buildings lies in the imaginative combination of geometric shapes of white bricks, plastic protruding from the face work, the original appearance of the front door frames complement the decorative granary. Operate in harmony and color and shape varied facade ground cellars. Neighboring streets Cellar offers apart from a few rather atypical for the community building basement tempting opportunity to taste the wines of two local winemakers. With campuses in the basement and the ground štěrkách alternate gable oriented original mill, equipped with ground hay storage, with new ones. The simple facade of the old buildings are built of clay bricks, which are sometimes combined with limestone rocks. Several mills have shaped gables and baroque facade is decorated with a niche with a statue of a saint.

Where you can taste wine

Víno D.K.S. - Tel.519 514 004, 736 624 086, info@vinarstvikern.cz

Sebesta Winery - tel 603 468 385, vino.sebesta @ seznam.cz

Philip Winery - tel 720 419 131, vino.filip @ seznam.cz

The festivities associated with wine

Wine Tasting (March)

Feast (June)

Martins costumed entertainment (November)


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