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What do you enjoy most when you come here? / Vine are warring, viniferous ground. Today the city limits, let against all / today are our warring, here Moravian ground! Shrink children, glasses, devil take melancholy / All hail the warring and Moravian ground!

In the footsteps of Peter Bezruč

Valtice and their surrounding you through the Mikulov wine trail. Former place of residence Lichtenstein and significant wine center of Moravia is the southernmost city. View from the Colonnade Rajstna offers impressive views of baroque sights Valtice and the Lednice-Valtice, ranked for its uniqueness in the list of world heritage by UNESCO. Pasovští bishops received a settlement with the vineyards end of the 12th century. Two centuries later bought Valtice Lichtenstein, who soon took up the estate in terms of financial and economic. Charles I and Charles Eusebius of Lichtenstein created the residential town of Valtice most powerful noble family in Moravia and their descendants is managed until 1945.

The cellar alley

Vineyards and bound the two countries

The extent Valtice vineyards in the past not only tells urbary Liechtenstein from 1414, but construction of the Castle cellar in 1430 and the basement of the Cross in 1640 with a capacity of over one million liters of wine. The development of viticulture in the city but did not participate only nobility. In 1855 came the local association for agriculture and viticulture, which was one of the largest agricultural communities in Lower Austria. It was used primarily to promote Valtice winery, which is in competition with heavily promoted the Lower Austrian wines. In 1873 was founded in Valtice first wine school in the Czech lands and Valtice wine began to successfully compete with Austrian wines. General stagnation in the late 19th winery century, in the city before 1 World War turned into a crisis, to stop the connection Valtice to Czechoslovakia in 1920. Increased interest in wine production has given rise to growing stock of Société Vinícola in 1923, which took over the administration of cross-cellar and specializes in the production of champagne. For nearly twenty vineyards around the city are known under Rajstna, U Cross cellar, Simla, Hindrtály, Prince prospect Culisty debt Katzelsdorfské field, Sonneberg. The current area of ​​582 ha of vineyards registered, two dozen wine producers and wine facilities, which the city has, have made significant Valtice wine community in Europe. Valtice is based National Wine Salon, Wine Academy, the Association of Moravian vineyards Moravín and School of Wine. Traditional varieties grown in the Land of the Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Lemberger. In the last decade dominated by wine exhibition in the CR and Moravian Muscat Irsay Oliver Secondary School of Wine.

Attraction - Five hundred and five basement cellars in streets

Huge mills and wine show-houses that stood in the historic city center, fell victim to the most destructive fires in the 18th and 19 century. Survives only a few wine houses, the most valuable is almost unaffected by alterations gable house No. 49 in Kopečný Street, one of the few escaped the fire. Stamping on the ground floor facade is reinforced by four buttresses, between which is the entrance to the mill, framed by stone lining. A large mill is recessed below ground level and the floor is paved with burnt brick. The rear wall of the mill are two doors, they are performing the stairs to the apartment, the others discover a wooden staircase leading to a vaulted cellar with well. The largest cellar in Valtice Cross Cellar Wine Cellars stock company Valtice. For the maturation of red wines, the company uses an older castle cellar, which together with the newly opened City Cellar serves for inspection and tasting wine. On the streets of Wine, Cellar, Josefská, Pink and Field are more than 500 cellars, which are used primarily malovinaři. Predominant ground cellars mills with different architectural facade breakdown. Hundred Cellars have stone retaining walls and vaults of brick. The oldest vaulted cellars are carved limestone blocks.

Where you can taste wine

Městský sklep – stálá expozice s ochutnávkou vín valtických vinařů

Vinařská ul., Tel: 606 712 128, 777 618 783, e-mail:

Zámecký sklep – expozice a prohlídková část zámek Valtice, tel.519 361 316

Národní salón vín – stálá expozice s ochutnávkou 100 nejlepších vín ČR

zámek Valtice, tel.519 352 744, e-mail:

Vinný sklep Moravský sommelier – ul. Josefská, tel.519 352 853,


Vinný sklep Valtice René Kolář – ul. Pod Parkem, tel.777 072 879,


The festivities associated with wine

Valtice tasting (first in March Saturday)

Valtice Wine Market (early May)

Valtice cellars Day (last Saturday in May)

Valtice Wine Festival (first weekend in August)

Half-fermented wines Valtice Week (last week of September)

Valtické vintage (the first October Sunday)

Rite Wines in Valtice (first Sunday after the feast of St. Martin)

Nicholas tasting vintage wines (Friday close to St. Nicholas)

Nicholas tasting vintage wines (Friday close to St. Nicholas)

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