Blatnice – teacher of nations have drunk Blatnický Rohac

The charter Old chapter we learn that a settlement on the site of today's St. Blatnice Antonínkem was founded in the mid 11th century. Two centuries later, is already an important center of wine and wine from Blatnice were transported to the royal court in Prague. The oral tradition and documentary evidence suggests the ancient origin and local cellars. During the Pre-White owned a vineyard in Blatnice family of John Amos Comenius, papers from the 17th century confirm the cellars of the rich burghers of Hungary and Hungarian Brod Fort. Settlement, however, often swept over the centuries and the horrors of war. Moravian Hussites destroyed here, Hungarian Bočkajovci others who had designs on Blatnická famous wines. It took several decades before the winery came back to the original level. In the second half of the 19th and early 20th century we can see further decline in B latnici winery, and as a result perenosporové révokazové calamities, as well as focus on more profitable economic crops. In memory of the natives are indelibly written in Romanian and Russian Marshal Malinovsky, the local chronicler described the rampage: "... cellars looted, shot into barrels, the wine flowed to the ground ...". Today in the village of ancient wine tradition combine with a lively present, flourishing local wineries provide large companies and malovinaři. The tasteful display case with samples of wines from the best houses blatnických winemakers and clear and impressive panes at the edges of vineyards, identifying each track reminded me promote wine in Champagne. There was a significant improvement of range, variety, various quantitative receded into the background and replace is a quality variety. At present the basic varieties Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and St. Laurent. Rows of vines in the vine lines Kamenice Antonínek, Old Mountain, Floriánky, security guard, Ponds, sails or Střečkův Hill today adorns the local landscape and work in the vineyard determines the order and rhythm of life for most residents of the village. Blatnice the St. Antonínkem interested at first sight a number of folk architecture typical of the area Hradisko Slovácké Dolňácko. They excel in beauty, color and richness of ornamental facade. Before you go to the cellar colony of Old Mountain, visit the local church. Andrew. Lies in the interior of the altarpiece of the saint Joža runs that your brush is also famous pilgrimage site above the village.

The cellar alley


Lisovny kotovic of which survived for centuries

Old Mountain area in the cellar area of ​​the steward is a reminder of times when the hands of builders led humility and sense of purpose building. Since the late 18th century there grew up a set of mills ground the cellars, which are now a protected monument of rural architecture. Because the stone was Blatnický rare material, mills were originally constructed from nabíjanice - Dusan clay in a wooden casing, which was mixed with pebbles and stones reinforcing the corners, this material was later replaced with adobe bricks. Oil-mill as well as cellar dirt floor, the ceiling is beamed deck is traditionally covered earthen screed. The mills have stairs leading into a small room built over the cellar. Low and dark chamber was used to store tools and foxes with fruit. Overlapping of roughly shield-shaped boards is provided by a door that is the entrance to the attic, which was used to store hay. Underground cellars, which are connected to mill through the neck, are vykvelbeny of smallish stones omletých water from local sources.

Interest - the tragic story of Lisa extravagant

Blatnický vineyards and cellars are an elite mark the birth place of white wine Blatnický Rohac trademark. A mixture of Riesling, Pinot Sylvan green and white of the best vineyard Blatnička mountains (especially downhill Stag) won in 1880, Prince John II. Lichtenstein of the international wine exhibition in Paris a gold medal. In blatnických cellars but said the story was born winemaker, who on his deathbed tells his son the great mystery of wine: "Remember, son, that the wine will also be done from the grapes." And the ancient cellars under the old mountain was also the venue for an extravagant story about Lisa . According to legend, the daughter of use administrator level blatnických vineyards wine often as a mirror. When one of nahýbala "terčafem" fell and drowned in wine. Since then Blatničany haunted.

Where you can taste wine

WINERY VYSKOČIL - tel.518 331 356, 608 861 146
FAMILY WINERY olfactory -, tel.518 331 450, 608 010 566
ING. ZDENĚK MEZULIÁNÍK - tel.606 490 519

The festivities associated with wine

Blatnička Festival (September)
Catherine FEAST (November)
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