Bzenec – City of Riesling with aromas thousand limes

Growing grapes in the city is attested in the 12th century. During the following centuries, wine was not only the main livelihood of the local population, but high tax revenues from the vineyards have become a source of finance for the construction of the royal castle above the town. After transferring the administration came to Olomouc Bzenec their privileged position and somewhat lost on the importance of local wineries. The fact that despite the investment in vineyards bzeneckých advantageous is the fact that three quarters of a vineyard in the Upper Mountain owned by Peter Wok. Vineyards were also in Bzenec hradišťští Jesuits, their large mill in the Baroque style called HAVAL Jesuit shed was demolished in 1919. The restoration of growing notoriety in the 18th Bzenec and 19 century contributed significantly to a large Jewish community in the city and influenced the development of viticulture and wine establishment of vocational schools in 1899. An important achievement was the setting up of lime memorable first wine cooperative in Moravia in 1921 at the initiative of the mayor and hotelier Leopold Rocks. The tradition of wine-scale followed since 1953 Moravian wineries.

The cellar alley

Gastropods from the ancient time built in Bzenec

In horenských books we learn that the cellars in Bzenec called gastropods. Urbary from 1604 states: "When some residents bzenečtí the vineyard snail called moss exhibited, and from ancient times are in use." Lisovny kennels or formed a small house made of bricks, coupled with a cellar in one unit. The interior is decorated with paintings, wine is the favorite motifs of the Ten Commandments, the Old Castle and verses about wine. The oldest cellars in the city are in "zmolách" under the hill called Old Castle - the basement of No. 59 says its owner, that dates from the 1124th The cellars are dug in a loess layer of soil over them and sometimes reaches 20 meters. Oblique and tortuous corridors cellars, sometimes seventy meters long (one of the longest bzeneckých cellars has the number 84 and you can find it for Mueller house, decaying monument peasant Baroque) were predominantly lined at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1953 Lane was seriously damaged by the landslide following heavy downpour. The disaster was seen as divine punishment for the desecration of the previous Marian column in the square. It happened several times - most recently in 2003 - that part of the cemetery with the graves of fallen into the cellar. Cellar Lane in Barákách existed for two hundred years, but the current form of most cellars from the 60th the last century. From 1984 to 1990 was designed by Ing. built by architect Francis Vozák complex wine cellars "On Těmické". Although the morphology of the facade respects traditional patterns, the complex degrades the aesthetic value of the materials used. The largest is a labyrinth of cellars under the chateau, which according to legend was connected with the castle corridors Buchlov. Inside are huge barrels by local woodcarver Frantisek Budař bzeneckých decorated with motifs from history. Beneath the restaurant Sokol, the former count's brewery cellar, May Day is famous for tasting wines.

Points of interest - what guarded Hotař

On the southern slopes around the city are spread world-class wine route, which give full and aromatic wine varieties of Riesling, known under the trademark Bzenecká Lipka, because smells like a thousand linden blossoms in the park. In light sandy soils and thrive Rulandskému or early white varieties Müller-Thurgau, Veltliner and red early. The blue is the most common varieties Lemberger and St. Laurent. Vineyards were in retrospect a strange place names: Dog Mountain, fur coats, Podhradí (formerly the best route, today it is steep and inaccessible for mechanization slope planted with mainly fruit trees), Marshal (named after a court marshal Sessel Zacharias, who owned a vineyard around 1380 ) Grefty (from the German graben - dig) Růžená, Čihůvky, HAVAL, Upper Mountain, Middle Mountain, Mountain Priests, Cukmantly. Protection was entrusted keepers of vineyards - hotařům. Bzenec in their choice of place on the feast of St. Lawrence. Already far from each recognized by their uniform: they shoulder bag leather, long leather whip on the short wand - Carriage, gnarled stick in hand and rifle. They were provided with great power, inter alia the right to use weapons. Near the ruins of the chapel of St. Florian, we see a striking hexagonal building with red roof, popularly known as the "chapel" in fact it was a cozy for Hotař that it can overlook the bad weather the surrounding vineyards. Hotař had in his presence by calling attention in the vineyard, "Defends" It was mocking rhymes, recorded by John Herben, "defend, defend, We drive the second, to eat alone."

Who tasted Bzenecká Lipka

Bzenecká wines have always enjoyed general fame. Buyer of local wines was King Wenceslas II., Laudatory words of precious fluid bzeneckých vineyards gave Peter Bezruč, Mikolas Ales, Adolf Heyduk, Josef Suk, Arne Novák, Josef and Karel Váchal Svolinský. According to one chronicle cellar belonged to wine lovers bzeneckých the greats of the Italian Renaissance and Dante Alighieri Benvenuto Cellini. The concept of local poet Anthony writes: "Taste the wine cellars of bzeneckých! / Try Sylvan, Gewurztraminer, Riesling or Lipka, / ryšák, Lemberger - is tasty and portugal / a person who drinks it, never sad, "Every inhabitant of the city was entitled to four times a year, incoming tap their wines, which lasted 14 days frejunk or 4 weeks. Bar mills winemakers been placed in cellars, passageways or home living rooms. In these days to label šenkovné place Vichy - a garland of vine leaves. And fun it was in the cellars only about bzeneckých frejuncích. Lopo evening after a day on Sundays and holidays, when wine makers meeting in cellars, kennels rang again talking, singing and fun landlords. In the basement of joy was born and vine compared with a young girl: "Grapes bonny děvčica also needs tending from spring to winter, plenty of sunshine and constant protection from nemocema. MOSIS care not waste it all year and you can not run from her eyes. "Chronicler John Hirs justifies the absence of cultural and political events in the city:" As is apparent from the conservative nature Bzenčanů are just fast-burning torch, whose flame alive most fiery Lipka. "" The most popular place for entertainment Bzenčanů the cellars, where they meet the daily and Sunday lopotění to refresh a glass of wine and talk about the economy and temporal events. Pleasure causes them, if they can because foreigners known to invite to the basement and standing připíjením him, colloquially speaking, nadrati, "he wrote in 1924, Joseph Dufalík teacher.

Where you can taste wine

WINERY Bunz - tel.518 384 833


BISENC Co. - Tel.603 579 303, p.kunc @

Winery Bzenec -, tel.517 384 124

The festivities associated with wine

REGIONAL feasts MAYDAY (May 1)

GALLERY Riesling (the pilgrimage, ie half of August, organized by Friends of Linden Bzenec)

Vintage costume Bzenecká - international exhibition of wines (September)

Martin FESTIVAL - ordination and tasting of young wines of local vintners (November, associated with a military parade, reminiscent of Napoleonic soldiers looting in the fall of 1805)

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