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The tradition of wine-growing village, which was first mentioned in 1131, shows its historical character. Silver arm holding a blue shield a golden vine branch with one cluster and three leaves. Top left berličkový character adds silver cross. Among the attractions of the village is closed to the public in the Lower Castle Moštěnice in the memorial garden is growing ash tree, and the nearby statue of St. Jan of Nepomuk, which is a valuable piece of stone work from 1706. Most wine trails around the village were gathered grubbing forests. At the end of the 17th century is presented as a mountain vines Old and New Šopruny, Heaps, and stems Grefty. One hundred years later bought by landlords hýselští moštěnické deserted vineyards and winery founded in Counterfeit lines, Nivky and pastures. As owners of the castle's vineyards had to pay Office sklepnímu tenth of wax as a wine harvest tithing and bone, which was 4 achtelu grapes. In 1840 it was 76 Hýslích in vineyards, in 1923 there was established Wine Party. Currently, the village area of ​​vineyards in the 86th place national ranking, the most widely grown varieties are Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and Lemberger.

The cellar alley


Under the Hýselská mountain

A small colony under Hýselskou mountain forms one side aisle about thirty cellars, whose mills are largely affected by the reconstruction in the 70th and 80 the last century. Location of buildings on the hill above the vineyards, the frequent presence of several farmers and mills but charming ground floor location gives friendly face and sociable atmosphere. Its original form retains only the oldest cellars with vaulted stone and earthen floors, which are almost two hundred years old. New or rebuilt mills are mostly two-story, gable-oriented structures, bearing characteristic structural ills of its time. Modernization of mills, however, increased comfort and hygiene in the processing of grapes, in a room used for sleeping podstřeší or social events.

Where you can taste wine

MARIE Zelinková - Hýsly 1, tel.518 617 327

The festivities associated with wine


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