Mařatice – manor winery

Maratice village, today part of Uherske Hradiste, belonged in the 13th century Cistercian monastery in Velehrad. From historical sources can not show whether the vineyard in the village at the time of its inception, but today are changing their lines marked countrYside. The slopes covered with vines overlooks the entire city and county, to the west lies Buchlovských panorama of mountains with a dominant silhouette of the castle Buchlov. Vineyards in the past divided the city, whose owners have always been Hradiště citizens, and peasants who were mařatickým. The vineyard tracts Lower Mountain, Middle Mountain, Mountain, and Owl Hlavina are grown mainly white wines, exceptional quality are achieved with a variety Pinot Blanc aromas typical bread leaven.

The cellar alley


Sumptuous summer houses above ground cellars

Building a wine cellar premises in Maratice dates from the early 18th century. Nadsklepní houses gableorientation, caused by an extension of the original underground cellars and often treated as a luxury summer houses uherskohradišťských citizens, creating complex, which was the first republic considered the most beautiful in Moravian Slovakia. On the ground floor there is a mill in the basement under the ground sloping corridor leads (neck). Underground spaces are characterized by extensiveness of the arches, extra width and length of the basement indicative of wealth owners and the amount of wine stored in wooden bečkách here. Upstairs nadsklepních atypical houses are situated living room. Appearance and amenities described either mařatických Local history collection Our Slovácko in 1936 Rudolf Malik. "They're wonderful kennels, hard material, shape, variety, neat besídek, pavilions, houses, and even villas. In these búdách manor, however, is a lovely and comfortable sitting perfectly taken care of. Are there "legátky" not only hard, oak, but also soft sofas vypérované, there are stoves for heating and cooking sporáček, pictures on the walls and numerous diplomas from dog races and witty rhymes Sayings of wine ... just what I can only s harm heart . "The oldest buildings in the colony cellars are number 44 and 260th Along with a number of mills 244, 247 and 381 are protected monuments of folk architecture.

Interest - basements, where history was made

The complex of buildings and people's cellars in Maratice been since the early 20th century the scene of a lively social life, meeting place of artists and politicians. The local wine cellars and kennels in the past attracted many famous people. The delicious beverage enjoyed here the painter Nicolas Alex and Anthony Nightingale and writer Alois Jirasek. The frequent and rare guests Úprka brothers belonged, particularly Slovakia Joza painter dashes. Mill No. 367 oil painting adorns the wall spring. The role of places where history and changing times, played mařatické cellars on the day of the independent Czechoslovak state in 1918. Telegraphic despatches, which arrived at a station in Fort Hungarian 28th October, the official mayor delivered directly into his wine cellar, where a representative of besedoval with your friends. It is therefore likely that the first celebration of the new state took place at the Mayor in the basement. Although in recent years, several either rebuilt for residential purposes, is a unique collection of cellars in the town adorn Maratice Uherské wine trail. The route rises from the banks of the River Morava along the local road to the cellars, where over Véska Veletiny and goes to Vlčnov.

Where you can taste wine

For PRESS WINE CELLAR - tel.572 540 052, 607 554 013,
VINARIUS WINE SHOP - tel.724 363 878,

The festivities associated with wine

Wine and monuments (September)
RITE OF WINE St. Martin (11 11)

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