Moravská Nová Ves - Here was born Cabernet Moravia

On the right bank of the Morava River, in the fertile plains Podluží the grapevine at home from time immemorial. Wine Symbols - bush vine with grapes, with Kosířem blade and two knives allowed Moravian wine Nova Ves in the sealer to enjoy the Emperor Ferdinand II. Although only in 1651, the winery in the village were engaged but the ancient Moravians. The place where the village is now located, stood in the middle of the 13th century colonial village name Waltersdorf Velehrad monastery. At the beginning of the 15th century the village under the name reminds Nova Ves, the current name is used since 1911. The village is an area of ​​vineyards and winemakers number of registered second-largest wine-growing village in the Podluží. The original, now defunct tracks were Vinohrádky, the best wine is considered a mountain slope on the southeast bank of the river called Kyjovka Old Mountain. This location also provided evidence of ancient settlements in the area. At the beginning of the last century there was in Vineyard rigolování excavated stone lion statue from the Roman era. The track, as well as counterfeit from the water and the fourth from previously hosted pears especially early varieties: Chasselas white and Lemberger. However, when phylloxera destroyed the vines old, have been since 1908 in the Moravian vineyards planted Nova Ves on the U.S. base and range of cultivated varieties spread.

The cellar alley


Individual style, "Patkar"

Evidence of ancient history and vibrant present, wine cellars and basement alley. Wine Trail Podluží away from pears vineyards brings you to the edge of the village to the landing with the information board. Turn right and after a short downhill around the railway line you find yourself in the heart of wine in the village. Cellar colony pothole, Still The track consists of a gold cross of the local wine community. The oldest of them, the aisle of the lines split into two halves railroad that was built here in the 40th the 19th century. Here you will find not only the parish basement, where he concentrated tithes for the nobility, but also the most famous novoveského wine cellar and Cabernet Moravia father Lubomir Glos. His wise and knowledgeable talk about wine, and almost a quarter-century journey from his first attempts Cabernet Cabernet Franc crossing Zweigeltrebe and after its inclusion in the State Variety Book doyen of local winemakers concluded saying: "The winery is especially humility, nature observation and experience from generation to generation . "" And the activity of microorganisms, "he added nepateticky. Mr Glos was also an association of Collegium VINITORUM that form from the Moravian winemakers and neighboring Nova Ves Mikulčice. Patkar Pátečníci or as they say among local, first met in the autumn of 1968 and it was mostly people who had "a positive relationship with the socialist system" did not avoid the accusation that it is a resistance group disagreeing with the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact. Painter, writer and taster Milan magnet wines with friends and winemakers of excellence he wrote: "I really do not remember that I under the auspices of Collegium VINITORUM tasted a sample that would not mastered high-tech (obvious) and did not bear the distinctive stamp of origin and distinctive original manuscript . "

The economic crisis has contributed Nová Ves winery

Interesting is the origin of the two colonies in the neighborhood. Ground-level and multi-storey red-brick mill in potholes and Still Life owes its existence to the economic crisis in the 30 the last century. The owner of two novoveských brickworks which had not disposed of, built of bricks on their own land purchased cellars and oil mills, which then sold to local winemakers. Original cellars without stamping, just discussed, with plastic front, which previously had been the colony at the track can be found in the Moravian only sporadically. Most basements have attached to the ground half-storey mill, which in older cellars served as a hayloft. Today, it is often placed podstřeší room to sit and social gatherings. These kennels are gutter-oriented and create a continuous street number, articulated vaulted entrances and windows to the left of the input. Cellars in Lime Street are scattered among the houses, but one of the oldest in the village. Colony is an interesting tourist cellars U forester. Its center is Ivana Tomanová cellar with wine tasting, wine and sitting at the hotel nearby the area is an excellent restaurant.

Where you can taste wine

IVANA TOMANOVÁ - tel.519 342 843, 777 561 535, e-mail:
WINERY GLOS - tel.607 180 237
JAN RAJSKÝ WINERY - tel.608 456 887

The festivities associated with wine

Crispy FEAST (last Sunday in July)
Vintage associated with parades WINE Cabernet Moravia (September)
RITE OF WINE (December 26)
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