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Charter municipality has so far failed to discover that the first mention of the settlement is recorded in the Moravian provincial boards and binds to the year 136 7th Establishment and development of viniculture in Mutěnice is due Knights Templar and Hospitaller order, which the village belonged to the beginning of its existence. Beneficial effects on flowering of other wineries in the village had a local residence Habana in the second half of the 16th century. Destructive of the whole country and of course wine in Moravia were contrary consequences of the Thirty Years War. The protocols Lany visitation from 1671 shows that the famous wine village Mutěnice be loaded before the war 98 estates. Twenty years after war left only 36 residential estates and the local residents left entirely viticulture. Industriousness of its inhabitants and the ideal conditions for growing vines caused the vines did not remain long idle. Already in 1844 the vines Vyšicko mountains, Dubňanská mountain Hraničky, Zárybnický and other planted nearly 200 ha of vines. The privileged status of a winery in the village is the fact that in the early 20th century there was established the State and provincial nurseries and in 1912 opened the State and the earth cellar model central. Currently Mutěnice area with 340 hectares of registered slopes largest wine village in Moravian Slovakia and its geographical location with large areas vinorodých slopes from the village heart is an area that is the transition between the southern and northern wine-growing areas in Moravia.

The cellar alley


John Lacko painted porch

Since the beginning of the 18th century began to grow under Zárybnickými vineyards outside the village area and cellar either. The cellars are dug separately in several rows, ground kennels were built of clay dusan (nabíjanice) and even the early 20th century coincided with a hipped roof of thatch, which was beyond the facade and supported by wooden pillars. Thus a covered porch for sitting. The front wall was divided entrance with massive wooden double door and one window. The door was picket gate entrance at the time of providing ventilation. White cheek frontage borders the green mill podrovnávka. Favorite color was green Mutěnice often painted timber and shield doors and windows. Bud was in one room, dirt floor and beamed ceiling, which had been supported by a grid and column. At the turn of the 19th and 20 century, the colony began to merge with either basement houses at the lower end, and many kennels have been converted to residential houses. Other renovations and expansion occurred in the 30 cellars the last century. Thatched roofing was replaced with clay tiles, the mills were gradually eliminated massive screw presses and shed was divided into working and relaxing part. Part of the mills was provided in the conversion of porch and opening windows. At No. 300 will be the building blocks decorated significant regional artist Jano Köhler. The distinctive decorative element mutěnického site are plant and figural motifs on the front porch and cellars. The reddish surface is scraped plaster local folk artist Jan Lacko. About 500 cellars wine today is a picturesque village with street names, pub and several guesthouses. A welcome guests, especially those who travel the wine trail Mutěnice away from Čejč is stylish. Cellar colony precedes the impressive scenery of vineyards spread across the southern slopes of the mountains Zárybnický wine.

Things to do - an invitation to Slovácký grenade

The atmosphere of streets, as I experienced it on Holy Saturday on the eve of Easter, the celebration of sociability and hospitality. Even from a distance was heard singing, loud talk and laughter. For the first vintners cellars with tasters stood, clinked glasses, good humor prevailed. I joined a group of cyclists who tasted Chardonnay. Mutěnice slopes and soil composition typical of this variety give a golden color, rich and strong acids. Decline was not even the kind invitation Slovácký grenade from neighboring cellar. The local specialty, a mixture of Lemberger and Blue Portugieser year 2002 was extractive and mature taste excellent wine. Unplayed hospitality and charm pábitelský local vintners are inviting all those who journey through the wine trails, visiting the Mutěnice.

Where you can taste wine

WINERY Mutěnice - tel.518 370 914,
JOSEPH WINERY FREEDOM - tel.737 233 644, e-mail:
Jarošek CELLARS - tel.737 239 98O,
PENSION UNDER Búdama - tel.777 243 423, e-mail:

The festivities associated with wine

Mutěnická Festival (September)
DAYS OF WINE Mutěnická be included mountains (September)
Catherine FEAST (November)
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