Prušánky – largest wine region in the Podluží

Between the two ridges and Nechory Joch, about 15 km west of Hodonin, located in Valley Stream Prušánky Podluží largest wine region. The first written mention of the village, which at that time named Prusse is from the year 1261. Since 1536 the village belonged to the genus čejkovickému Prusinovských from the time of their dominion comes the first mention of vineyards in the village. While some sources place the beginnings of winemaking in this area has to 3rd century after Christ, historical sources and factual findings, however, witnessed the planting of vineyards at this time only on the slopes of the Pavlov Hills. Prušánecké wineries and villages of the population lives seriously affected mainly the turbulent 17th century. Burning houses bočkajovci pillage the village and repeated the Emperor's army during the Thirty Years War to Peace of Westphalia ended. In 1653 the village was in 81 properties in which there were about 600 people. In the mid 18th century, was built in the village of St. Isidor. History of the winery and cellars in Prušánky illustrated military map dating from 1764-1768 in which the cellars in the area Marking Nechory, another milestone was the establishment of wine growing gazebos in 1933. In 1900 the cadastral map of the village reported 29 hectares of vineyards, the present area of ​​190 ha are under vines track Prušánky largest wine-growing village Podluží. Titlová, Glen Deaf, mugs, Acknowledgement, but especially Nechory and Chief Nechory names are lines where the grapes ripen mainly aromatic white varieties. The famous mountain vineyard Nechory gave name to the colony on the edge of vineyards, cellars, about a mile behind the village. Nechory are not original cellar alley in the village, formerly the wine cellars were dug outside the village on the way to Čejkovice. The headquarters of the estate was then the closest church and prušánečtí people, especially men, for Sunday worship often not arrived. In order to avoid "pagan underground MSIME" local winemakers had cellars owners to demolish and provide land for the construction of cellars in Nechorách. And for sure they built a new church in the Prušánky.

Points of interest - such as listening devices Rampúchy

Wine buildings in Nechorách sometimes destroyed by fire, whose cause was mostly carelessness when burning barrels of sulfur. Their mark on the appearance of the area and left the ravages of time. Due to the poor condition of the wall had to be rebuilt and valuable buildings from the turn of the 18th and 19 century, which was declared a cultural monument. Copies of either the number of converted 9 and 11 are located in the Museum of Southeast Moravia in Strážnice. Storey mill built in the 20th century form a continuous series of rooms used for accommodation podstřeší or social purposes. Hardness and austerity břízolitových have softened plaster in the form of graffiti letterings with vine motif, figurative motifs and scenes from the life of winemakers. The unusual name of the cellar village, which has its guardian spirit dog, explains the legend of immoderate winemakers, who fell on the way home and lay by the roadside. When asked passers-by, "Are you ill," he replied, "Not ill, drunk." Another interpretation says that the one who drinks wine from the cellars prušáneckých is healthy and not ill. Nechory were and still are an important social center, where winemakers come together only on Sundays, but even during the day. During the First Republic in búdách often held political meetings. Construction of mills and cellars allow wiretapping of political opponents in windows or rampúchů. Contemporary chronicler recorded the words: "Before the volbama piuo a lot and even after the election thing. Those who win the drink joy, and those who have lost, drunk on zuosť Sow. Najvěc drink, however, those who had no vineyards. The team's byuo matter who wins or losses. They drank at both. "" Stephen is the Lord "- and it used to be in Nechorách especially fun because Chase búdách doslouženou celebrated. No wonder that "prušánecké Nechory are known throughout the neighborhood, but rather hated by housewives as a man, affected domestic storm, sought refuge at Nechory," says the local chronicle.

Where you can taste wine

For JEŇOURA - Lower Nechory
Jan and Vladimir IVIČIČOVI - tel.602 780 358

The festivities associated with wine

Under the green costumed feast (August)
DRIVING mountains (September)
FESTIVAL Festival (September)
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