Šardice – wine tradition on seals

Memorable, and the oldest building in the village church. Michael, whose oldest part dates from the 13th century, which dates back to the first written mention of the village. Equally important monument is the residence building - the former representative office in Brno Augustinians in 1742, who contributed in no small part to the development of a winery in the village. The residence stayed Abbot Cyril Napp progressive and Gregory Mendel, the founder of the theory of heredity. The winery was for centuries the traditional livelihood of citizens Šardice what the extant evidence of the brass seal 162 with wine theme. Original horenský order issued directly to Šardice Margrave John Henry in 1753 adapted the abbot Pertscher new conditions. "Regulus Vinohrady" eliminate physical punishment and reduce the fine work was forbidden on Sundays and holidays, and determined three days jail sentence for wine, which nesvětil holidays. Repeal of old horenských orders contributed to the development of wineries and vineyards have become an important source of livelihood and landless cottagers šardických. The local slopes facing the south-east bore the grapes for the production of high quality wines that are bought and Brno citizens and merchants. The largest winemaker in the village while the wine buyer was Šardice Augustinian monastery in Old Brno.
That is high praise for the local vineyards, is evident from the reports of their non-resident holders. In the 15th century had a vineyard of John Doupov, landlords and Ždánice Nenkovic of the church in Milonice. Šardické vineyards expanded to eventually cover all that favorable toward habitat and Nenkovicím Stavěšicím. In addition to Old Mountain, whose origin dates back to the 13th century, most of the wine route, whose names have been preserved to this day, given in šardické chronicle in the 16th century after the Thirty Years War, in connection with dosídlováním Šardice, outside these lines Šumperk recall, or Orange Front, Long and Short Úlehla, Wedges and Novosady.

The cellar alley


Cellar innkeeper Loydera

Wine Cellars at that time had only a few winemakers, early 18th century, the cellar in just Šardice Augustinian monastery, the priest and the landlord. Cottagers began to build cellars only when the nobility had to surrender benefits not in wine must, but in pure wine. Selecting wine tithe was in charge of Mayor. The first wine to šardičtí landlords buildings built on the runways. From the late 18th century have survived several applications for licenses to build the cellar. These cellars later became the nucleus of cottages, so the historical cellar alley in the village suffered. This follows from the position of village traditions and building cellars in the banks of the houses. Evidence of antiquity winery in the village is called Loydrák, cellar with the mill in 1745. Once belonged Loyderovi innkeeper, in 1997, has been carefully repaired. Survives a few cellars in older aluminum track, but they are now rebuilt. From the 50th the 20 century was gradually built cellars and location nadsklepních home track for the course, two decades later, it was built seven storey cellars with mills in the area behind the village. Several houses are decorated nadsklepních arcade and graffiti. The cellar space Nadsklepní village offers accommodation and cycle and are a welcome starting point for the use of trails in the area. In the cellars created a garden with barbecue. New Cellar Charlie Paul provides accommodation for more than forty people and sitting at šardickém wine.

Where you can taste wine

Neoklas OJSC Šardice - www.neoklas.cz
JOSEPH Valerian - no Šardice 18, tel.518 624 610
ZDENĚK GALIA - no Šardice 222, 624 615 tel.518
Nesporova JARMILA - no Šardice 429, 903 789 tel.603, www.webpark.cz / vinarstvinesporovi

The festivities associated with wine

OPENING OF LOCAL Mutěnice Wine Trail (May 1)
ZARÁŽÁNÍ mountains (August)
ŠARDICKÝ FEAST (the first Sunday after the feast of St. Michael)
RITE OF WINE (December)

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