Slovácko wine sub-region

Wines northern wine regions of Europe are sought for the special beauty and unique character of fresh acidity and flavor compounds. Natural conditions and varietal composition of vineyards is as varied as local folklore, traditions and customs. The southern part consists of sub Podluží and Mutěnice, warm and dry river valleys in the region of Moravia and Kyjovka. The amount lying vineyards give the wine full of character with a fresh and distinctive aromas. In the middle lies the town of Bzenec sub-region, since the Middle Ages traditional winemaking center in Moravia. The Riesling grapes from the best trails in and around Bzenecká Lipka was born, good wine with the scent of linden blossoms. Winery at Kyjov region already has a typical northern character. Given the widespread vineyards are laid early varieties such as Müller-Thurgau and Moravian Muscat, here achieve excellent quality and Pinot Gris and Riesling. The most important wine-growing village north spit subregions are Polešovice, seat Breeding Station wine. The surrounding vineyards were the most common variety bred Uherské former Moravian Muscat wine region. The soil and climatic conditions on the southern slopes in the foothills of the White Carpathians is well suited to all varieties of Burgundy and Sylvaner. Where the soil is rocky and warmer, born and full and extractive Riesling. It is a harmonious combination of the most cultivated varieties originated in the St. Blatnice Antonínkem highly prized wine trademark Blatnický Grebe.

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