Němčičky – the chapel of St. Anthony

In nine valleys, between the centers of large wine and Pavlovice Bořetice, lies on the route of the Moravian wine trails Němčičky community. The settlement spread at the foot of Big Kuntínov natural monuments, Nativity and Nosperk was in connection with the sale of vineyards mountains already mentioned in 1348: "Markvart of Morkovice bought for 120 marks and the Čeněk Levíkovi brothers from Nemcice (Němčiček) in Všetrapech Justice (building, fort ) poplužími with two, two and a half rope, three Podsedky mountains and vineyards right of succession law and inheritance gave for an inheritance. "Its inhabitants have always been addicted to wine and fruit growing and agricultural development are the characteristic data of 1674. Then Němčičky not in addition to gardens around the home is no agricultural land, vineyards, measuring only 434 and 550 used measures of barren vineyards. Ownership differences between the inhabitants were minimal. Němčičky not houses other than farms without land.

The development of a winery in the village also hit Havana, who were in the village around 1560 their common house. Area used to be vineyards Němčičky sixth largest wine-growing village in Moravia. However, the Glory němčičského wine declined in later centuries. Heavy blow to the phylloxera wine in the early 20th century, a disaster, however, thanks to the excellent relations of the local winemakers managed to stop quickly. The quality and uniqueness of local routes confirms the fact that the vineyards are owned by townspeople Brno, Brno city Kyjov and some monasteries. Today belongs to the larger Němčičky wine villages, with its population of 62 0 and almost 200 hectares of vineyards seem to have first place in the vineyards of adjusted per capita. The rugged terrain with numerous steep southern slopes of the considerable difference in altitude in the village and the rich mineral subsoil mainly Frankovce show, which is renowned local variety. The lines Špigle-sions, Kolberk, Šumberk, Filiberk, Puclety, Ruzena thrive variety Neuberger, full and harmonious wines here and give more traditional varieties of St. Lawrence, Blue Portugal, Grüner Veltliner. Landmark and place of pilgrimage for local growers and tourists is Chapel St. Anthony surrounded by vineyards in the track Ruzena. It is also one of the stops on the route osmikilometrové local wine trail, which stops at four community information about the history and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The cellar alley

Hulatův cellar in záhumení

Although local winemakers wine mostly kept in the cellars under the house, local wine trail takes you and the cellars in the street on its doorstep, where he had been a basement area. The spacious multi-storey mill built here the largest producers of wine and gave the name of the defunct alley adjoining vineyard "Novosady Preshúzy over." Simple building facade is decorated with only a porch that protects the entrance to the mill. The cellars dug into the sandstone bedrock are often walled, some peculiarities mills is a side, only accessible from the outside staircase on the granary floor. This type represents the záhumení Hulatův cellar, one of the best preserved in the village and also the oldest. The facade storey mill is relieved on the ground floor with three arcades that protect windows and entrance to the mill. Press shop is barrel vaulted and double doors lead through svlakové neck kvelbeného in the basement, whose walls are covered with fine black mold. The floor is of beaten earth. Basement is 18 meters long and there are preserved in wooden barrels kantnýře. Rare are the clay plaster mixed with chaff, which are preserved in a stairwell at the granary. Hulatův cellar bears the family name of several generations of owners, and since its inception in the 18th century served as one of desátkových cellars in the village. Today, it is declared a cultural monument. In the vicinity of cultural facilities, under the house No. 79, is hand-cellar, where wine stárkovské deposited at the time throws. Properly chilled or Lemberger Neuburger so hot in glee feast days to support local chase.

Warm autumn wind that allows the Velkopavlovická ripening of the grapes, but reportedly has adverse effects on the human psyche: "That blows from Austria and Bavaria, hair dryer, I bet that in Vienna and Munich, the rush will not last, and dozens of people commit suicide, that is the hair dryer which passes well south Moravia ... winemaker hilarious evening and the morning will find him hanged, because could not stand as the onslaught of dozens of people ... This dryer is the wind that brought to our region dunes, fine sand from the Libyan desert, the wind has the most in countries where the limestone. "(Bohumil Hrabal: Harlekýnovy million)

Where you can taste wine

ZD Němčičky - Tel: 519 430 747, e-mail: zdnemcicky@quick.cz

Vine Court - No. 176, Tel: 774 430 739, www.vinarsky-dvur.cz

Slovácký cellar - Tel: 603 534 595, www.slovackysklep.cz

Winery Par strikes - no 256, Tel: 739 013 637, e-mail: vinarstvistavek@centrum.cz

The festivities associated with wine

Shows young wines (January)

Vine Ball with wine exhibition (March)

Traditional costumes feast (1st weekend in July)

Traditional wine day (last Saturday in August)

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