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The village has assumed its position from a distance on a hill with an impressive fortified church of John the Baptist. The emblem of the village, which was founded in the 13th century, the hare is running on a green lawn in a golden shield. Was colonized predominantly German population (called Saitz), although in the underground church was found a tombstone from 1585 with the Czech text. The first mention of wine in the village is already from 1252, when Bocek Obřany of wine donated a third tithe žďárskému monastery. Zaječské vineyards have over 400 districts and have historically been divided between Pavlovice and Lednice manor. Emil Kordiovský historian writes: "The high number of laborers suggests that Hare was advanced winery in which low-income residents have found work and livelihood." When you connect to the Third Reich 8th October 1938 the village fell to the administrative office říšskoněmeckému mikulovskému. After liberation by the Soviet Army 16th April 1945 the German population confiscated 1,186 hectares of land and 268 farms. The community is 913 new settlers came mainly from the area.

Confiscated vineyards were distributed within the allotment management peasant settlements and other přídělcům - nezemědělcům who settled here and worked in industry in the surrounding towns and on the track. The collective farm was founded in 1950, which gradually integrated vineyard planted in larger sizes rang. The vineyards are chapels, New Mountain, Old Mountain, Zelnice, tract, Calvary (here's ten hectares of experimental planting resistant varieties), dame slope.

The rugged terrain and the vastness of the land caused by an extraordinary variety of wines from Hare. Contributes to the traditionally large number of small and medium-sized wineries. Varietal composition of the local vineyards is wide - Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Neuburger, Traminer, Zala Gyöngye, Blue Portugal, Zweigeltrebe, Lemberger, Neronet. Novomlýnská nearby tank (although still a discussion about its impact on the surrounding environment) will delight tourists, but also wine, proximity to bodies of water prevents temperature fluctuations, similar to the renowned vineyards of Swiss mountain lakes.

The cellar alley

Baroque Wine cellars in the street

Most wine cellars are located west of the main road. The exception is the Lower Street, where interested historic cellar No. 291 (Urbánkův). For zaječské Cellars is a typical hobby in light stone as building and decorative material. In the second half of the 20th century appears built out floor, usually plastered with břízolitem vyškrabovanými ornaments. An example of contemporary folk art is a relief with four Musketeers on one of the cellars in Šakvické street. On the contrary, a very ancient mill is the opposite of adobe bricks.

Construction of new road to the cellars Přítluky provides a unique opportunity to observe the traditional technique kvelbení. The most valuable are the Baroque Wine Cellars at the beginning of the street, although some carry signs insensitive redevelopment. An example of excessive use of stone is a new construction company Nosreti in Wine Street. The winery also the seat chapel at the end of the village unhappily combines elements rustic baroque and medieval fortifications. As he pointed out a passing cyclist: "That would seem to Eagle's Nest, Hitler had been Southern Bohemian."

According hodového law of 1998: "While it is forbidden to throw in a nice relaxing neighbors to disturb the work. Any reader throws good food, drink, dress nice, cleaning and lively entertainment, public disgrace himself and his family show. Does not belong to anyone the right to require a calm night feasts and entertainers to guide people in entertainment. "

Where you can taste wine

Winery Co. hare - At the Villa 463, 691 05 Hare,

Šabata Winery - The company is also engaged in wine tourism and operates

archyvní Velkopavlovická cellar for wine trail route,

The festivities associated with wine

Costumed feast (July)

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