Velké Pavlovice wine sub-region

The fertile plains of the central growing region of Moravia, stretching from Brno to Breclav, one of the sunniest and warmest places in the Czech Republic. The ideal location, favorable climate and soil conditions, the vines are planted at the time was the Great Moravian Empire. The main vineyard leads from the town Hustopeče, the former main center area over Starovičky, Great Pavlovice, Bořetice, Vrbice and Mare to Great Bílovice. In soils with high content of magnesium is doing especially blue varieties, the area known unmistakable red wine. Renowned primarily Lemberger purple cherry and cinnamon flavors, deserves attention also lighter, slightly spicy Portugal. The white varieties thrive primarily green and Veltlínskému Rulandskému gray. Notable wines are aromatic varieties give Moravian nutmeg and Gewurztraminer. Velkopavlovická wine region is run by two circuits Wine Trails: Velkopavlovická and Brno.

Landscape of color "blue mountains" bezlesým "beyond a shadow region" and cultivated territory Lednice-Valtice leads more than one hundred kilometers Velkopavlovicka wine trail. Take the path between the vineyards and visit the picturesque streets with open cellars, which determines the shape of the wine region blessed with the best red wines in Central Europe. Enjoy a protracted rise in the hills Ždánický forest landscape composition odměnoąnickou Lichtenstein, one of the most important cultural monuments of mankind. To experience the extraordinary journey along the trail are the best tasting wines in the sub-Permanent exhibition in Hustopeče wine, the beauty of folk architecture in the streets and basements knowledge territory that was for their exceptional value entered in the list of monuments protected by UNESCO.

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