Božice - drop in the vineyards

First report on Božice appeared in 1225, which are among the six villages, whose tithes have been identified recently in the parish church vysvěcenému Křídlovicích. Until the mid-19th century were part of the local community Božice Czech Křídlovice. Efforts to promote the independence of the village that housed the administration Božice manorial court. In the following period were Božice to advanced agricultural communities with a developed viniculture. Today Božice nearly fifteen hundred inhabitants and one of the largest towns of Znojmo district. Sights of the village are the Count's castle and classicist fountain with gazebo.
The surroundings are characterized Božice extremely favorable natural conditions, as evidenced by the fact that the single place where the Great Bustard in the country. The local vineyards are based on štěrkopíscích and are extremely fertile. Today's 140 hectares of vineyards are registered planted vineyards on four lines in the desert, St.. Donat and in the Old and New Mountain. The characteristic variety is Grüner Veltliner, and achieves a high quality Riesling. In the village farms and wine cellars Lechovice, so when you taste a good bottle of Sauvignon and André, probably a wine from grapes grown on the mountain in New Božice. In the village there is no large wine companies, but twenty small growers cooperative based božických winemakers.

The cellar alley


The cellars dug in the loess

Who goes on the road to Borotice Božice can not help but notice a number of cellars which are dug in the sandstone slope to the right of the road. Some have new doors with locks and bars and it is evident that the use of local winemakers and carefully guarded. But there is still a lot of these cellars, which have no doors at all and people have made them odkladiště unnecessary things. There is almost one hundred fifty cellars located in several locations around the village. In my goodness land is already in the nineteenth century there were a large number of cellars dug in the sand-stone, called Loch. It can be assumed that the underground spaces were created in the extraction of sand and only later were used as a vaulted cellars. The facade is covered in an austere classical style with a triangular shield. Only rarely are presented in cellars dug mill covered with soil and six feet. The difference in height between the cellar and předsklepím offset neck of varying length, usually lined with brick. The facade is solved efficiently with the entrance and two small ventilation holes on the sides of the door topped by a triangular or segmental gable with cornice. In this type of basement construction is not applicable to colored or ornamental facade solutions. "In the street toward the cellar is quite Borotice fifty-three cellars. After the war the population of the village and the cellars were occupied, in the fifties was canceled but small-scale cultivation of the vine, private vineyards were forcibly merged and replaced by large-scale small grower. He remained deserted cellars, "explains the history of the cellars deputy Zdenek Božice Curda. Village Božice But the value of basements and trying to realize in recent years to bring life back street cellar. The Land Fund took over fifteen hectares of vines in the wilderness called Bessie and tries again to revive the cellars, some of them are in very poor condition

Where you can taste wine

Božických team of winemakers, Božice 380, 671 64 Božice
tel 732 634 610,

The festivities associated with wine

Easter wine tasting

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