Chvalovice - monastic tradition of winemaking

The route Moravian Wine Trail, near the frontiers of Moravia and Lower Austria, is originally an old Slavic settlement Chvalovice. With the advent of the German population during the 13th wave of colonization Germanized century village, which is also reflected in the development of its name - or Kallendorf Kondorf. In the past, most community shared the fate of landed property Premonstratensian monastery in Louka near Znojmo, albeit at different times found themselves in the noble and chivalrous property houses. The best known were in the first half of the 16th Zástřizl century knights. The centuries of tradition of growing grapes winemakers today follow in the lines above the cellars, Girl Mountain, and the prohibition of which are planted with more than 60 hectares of vineyards.

The cellar alley


Paraphernalia called šmajchlkabinet

Caught in the creek valley and spread around Daníž paths shaded by tall trees is more than one hundred wine cellars Chvaletice colony. Most basements are neklenuté buck in sandstone, some of which are built at ground level and layer of earth over them and then reaches 16 meters. Other basement hallway sink beneath the surface and it is adapted to the length of the neck. The floor of the cellars, which reach lengths up to several tens of meters, is uneven, Dusan clay. In Chvalovice been found in the cellars and ground slope, but most are abandoned. The original stamping ground of the cellar, the oldest of which were built in the 18th century, were built from kotovic. Later, they were often walled stables of brick, which had a separate entrance. The village is old wine tradition passed ownership of mills and cellars from one generation to another. Heir was usually the son who came home with other economic structures. Historical appearance of the colony only a few points rozložitých preshauzů buildings whose front wall is divided into semi-circular arched doorway and small windows. Inside, facing the press, he was always a long table with longitudinal bench, where winemakers and drank besedovali. It was not until around 1900, this corner for guests began separating plank or a stone bulkhead and was thus a separate room, called generally šmajchlkabinet.

Points of interest

Original appearance retained only baroque cellar from 1770. The richly decorated facade cellar, which is a listed building suggests that it is a tithe cellar that served louckému monastery to collect benefits of wine from local vintners. Currently based winery cellar Waldberg that belong together with the most successful winemaking Vanek companies Znojmo wine region. An ancient and mysterious appearance of colonies growing gloom in the valley between vineyards swept away only recently. Most of the mills were rebuilt mud brick or totally re-built, the architectural design of many new buildings does not function or morphology of historic farm buildings.

Where you can taste wine

Vanek Winery - 515 230 179
White Cellar - 515 230 144, 604 209 388
Eco-Nest Ltd. - 515 230 182, 603 823 766
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