Vrbovec – in the center of winemaking in Znojmo

In the forest-free, gently rolling farmland in the western hills Jaroslavice was already mentioned in 1137 settlement, the oldest name is derived from Vrbov willows, among which it was founded. Slavs, who were the first inhabitants of the territory, gradually pushed the German colonists from the Rhine area, who reportedly brought with him and vines. The historical records show that in the 14th century village has been greatly Germanized, since the names of the German vineyards. Vrbovec in the Middle Ages was based landrychtáře and could boast of many rights and privileges. In 1709 the village was allowed wine bar and before the mid-18th century began construction of wine cellars in the valley Vrboveckého stream. Today, the largest wine-growing village Vrbovec Znojmo wine region. Wine of the village, together with the defunct village and village Ječmeniště nest area 450 hectares of vineyards. Nine vineyards from which they are most valued Waldberg Lampelberg hosts and especially white grapes, the most widely used are Pinot Blanc, Gruner Veltliner and Muller-Thurgau.

The cellar alley


Maintaining the mills ground

Vrbovecká cellar is the first colony of Znojmo, which lie directly on the route of the Moravian wine trails. The complex of buildings 260 wine lies west of the village over the vineyard and cellar is divided into a busy road leading to the border crossing in Hatě. The path to this important area, you can enjoy and shorten the dirt road between the vineyards, where you go from the basements chvalovických Daníž straight across the stream to the north. Backbone Trail turns around wine cellars in the East and goes through Vrbová Chvalovice and Dyjákovičky. Valuable and admirably preserved set of ground in the mills Vrbovec Lane are dominated by unilateral construction of terraces and Ampelos spaced rows of cellars under the road. Ground floor, gable-oriented rectangular mill are separated by narrow streets, colorful art design and building facade bears strong traces of their time. Efficiently and harmoniously work surfaces contrast smooth limestone walls and protruding plastic red bricks that line the openings of windows and entrance arch. Gray brick walls and often accentuates the corner and the shield building. An example of craftsmanship, ingenuity and artistic taste door mills preserved from the period prior to 2 World War II. The mills are still many holes in the hopper bottom of the buildings. The space under the roof with valbičkou been used for hay storage, feed openings are closed the wooden doors simple. Spacious mill with predominantly beamed ceilings are partially sunk in the ground, so to them coming down a few stairs. Area to 100 square feet provided a comfortable working with a huge kládovým press, in which some winemakers pressing grapes today. Deep and long cellar tunnels are dug in the sandstone, bricks or flat stones is only vykvelbena neck.

Attraction - Grape Goat

Since the days of the Greek god Dionysus, there were supernatural forces protecting vineyards, wine and wineries. Customs and ceremonies connected with them belongs to the ancient traditions. The gods of wine and undoubtedly the Moravian Grape and Grape goat goat. The name is a translation of the German dialect expression and Weinbagoass Weinbabock as wineries in Znojmo and Mikulov was almost entirely a matter of Germans. When they were after World War II forced to leave newcomers managed to vine cultivation and wine production and lead them to maintain the present high level, but the traditional wine-growing traditions, superstitions, songs and legends disappeared with its bearer. Rumors on Goat Grapes were the inspiration for the creation of the Society of Friends Grape goats, which is an association of citizens seeking to revive old traditions and forgotten wine. Vrbovec took place in a story that explains why the Grape goat at the forefront of lysine, both on the story by Hans vrboveckého native Zuckriegela described in the book of Znojmo Freedom Tower George. "Grape once saw a goat in the vineyard work of a young handsome lad. She knew he was free, but that is about to get married because they engaged to one girl from Vrbová. But perhaps because they are just bored, or that he wanted to undergo the test, it was hardly learn to love Grape turned goat in a nice girl and she started working near future groom. While not striking anyone. The groom thought that his dad probably hired a new maid, and people in the surrounding vineyards it again regarded as his fiancee. Initially, then, looked both work, but then sometimes the girl threw the young master eye, do not miss it, who would finally look like a nice girl, then about him as if accidentally touched ... Grape Goat on a whim just warmed all his seductive arts, so it was midday on a young couple laughing, joke, joke, prosecute, and both seemed to know at least a hundred years. Neither noticed the car that pulled into the vineyard. Held a grim young girl. Was grim because from afar, watching some kind of foreign fuchtle hover around her beloved, who did not look that bothered him perhaps. She was the fiancee is from Vrbová. Today it does not mean much, but once had a reputation as fearless fighters Vrbovečtí and the local girls preferred action long before the talk. In short, the fiancee slítla of the car in a flash and before you could say Jack Robinson, holding his adversary by the hair and dragged her vineyard. What while screaming and cursing her, preferring to conceal. He knocked her down and ripped and tore her hair tufts on the head. Then the lightning flashed and the foreign girl her hands disappeared. The winner was suddenly in his hands instead of girls' hair tufts of white goat hair! Now, before all that had happened to watch the glorious fight, dawned, who is actually losing the girl - Grape goat! And now they were all smart and mudrovali that it not be that of which nothing good can come, just scared and doom mongers that Grape goat was terribly offended and that will definitely avenge the young couple. But the bridegroom said, "What would have revenge, if not in law." And there was a marriage, then children were born, one more beautiful than the other, and pulled the harvest and vintage as well ... and that eventually all know that revenge is not Grape goat, on the contrary, young married couples blessed. She is such a Grape Goat he can be generous. Unlike most people. And the blaze, which has from that time on the forehead, it quite nice. "

Where you can taste wine

Ampelos - 515 230 103, 608 955 272, www.ampelos.cz
George Clerk - 515 230 229, 732 826 380

The festivities associated with wine

Closing the mountain goat with a grape (September)

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