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Top long-distance cycling routes and places where Cyclists are welcome

Thematic cycling routes and certified services with perfect facilities for cycling in the Czech Republic

Cycle routes

 380 km  7 days

Elbe cycle route

1.300 km full of surprises from Giant mountains to the North Sea wi...

 307 km  7 days

Morava cycle route

Along the Morava river from Jeseníky mountains to South Moravia

 168 km  5 days

Greenway Jizera

Along Jizera river to nature and history

 124 km  3 – 4 days

Cycle trail Bečva

From Beskydy Mountains along the river Bečva through the Haná regio...

 430 km  10 days

Vltava cycle route

Along the longest Czech river by bike

 368 km  7 days

Prague - Vienna Greenways

European culture route connecting important culture capitals of Cen...

 326 km  7 days

Greenway Krakov - Moravia – Vienna (Amber route)

Along the Amber route from culture capitals across North, Central a...

 223 km  5 days

Cycle route Ohře

The cycle trail Ohře will make you feel good!

 204 km  5 days


The Central European culture route

 230 km  6 days

Sázava cycle route

Along the river of romantics

 903 km  20 days

EuroVelo 4: Central Europe route

Central Europe route

 451 km  10 days

EuroVelo 7: Sun route

Cycle journey along two most important Czech rivers

 348 km  7 days

EuroVelo 9: Baltic-Adriatic

From Jeseníky Mountains to UNESCO sites

 863 km  20 days

EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain trail

Along the Iron Curtain trail

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Cycle routes

Certification Cyclists Welcome

We carefully select places for you that are perfect for cyclists. Whether it is accommodation, meals or a trip tip, we want you and your bike to always be well taken care of. Therefore, all tips listed on this site are Cyclists welcome.

Recommended services

e-bike charging

Dvur Hlavac


Historical feudal court from r.1500, top-class accommodation in 4 a...

e-bike charging

Hotel Galaxie


Hotel with a capacity of 150 beds after complete luxury renovation....

e-bike charging

Hotel Start - restaurace

Špindlerův Mlýn

Restaurant Hotel Start in Spindleruv Mlyn in the Giant Mountains of...

e-bike charging

Pension Pstruží


PENSION trout (apartment-style) has a pleasant atmosphere, which il...

e-bike charging

Penzion Nad Oborou

Hradec Králové

​Are you looking for accomodation near the center of Hradec Králové...

e-bike charging
e-bike charging

Apartmány na vršku

Horní Libchavy

Space, nature, peace and tranquility in one. Come and stay in our w...

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CMYK hostel

Ústí nad Labem

Hostel CMYK provides a comfortable base for those traveling alone o...

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